Rapport annuel 2019

RunNB currently has the full 9 board members. New members this year are, Greg Sawyer who has taken

on the role of Super Series Coordinatar, Marta Kelly and Michel Robichaud. We also welcomed
Stephanie Doiron as our new Executive Director.

Bruce MacFarlane, Michael Lynch and Mary Brosnan's terms are up for renewal.

Donald McLaughlin will be finishing as treasurer on December 31st 2019. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank him for his excellent work. He will be missed greatly.

Highlights of the Year

1. At the time of this report 9293 have registered for our races this year - 5134 females and 4043 males.
This is a loss of 4574 registrations from 2018.

2. The New Brunswick Medical Society continued its $10,000 sponsorship of our'Small Strides - Healthy
Lives' prograrm.

3. Trackie continues to be the title sponsor of our Super Series races.

4. We jointly hosted, with ANB, the women's running summit, this year held at the new Irving
Fieldhouse in Saint John.

5. We continue to provide prize money at our Provincial Championship races of $2OO, $125 and $5O for
1st, 2nd and 3rd place women and men.

6. Our 2018 Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet, which was held in Moncton, was a great success, with
over 100 participants. Lots of fun was had by everyone to celebrate the end of another running year.

7. Jacqueline Maillet and Michelle Cormier were inducted into our Hall of Fame which now has 22

8. Lee Wesselius set a new 5 mile road record at Hampton in September finishing in a time of 23:39.

9. Four sub committees were established to look at ways to progress in 2020 and beyond. I thank them
all for their hard work.

10. Following the work of one of our sub committees we are currently offering registration for a virtual
5k race. We currently have 23 people registered.

2019 has seen a challenging, rewarding and fun year of road running. There is no doubt that with the
number of registered runners having decreased our financial environment is very challenging. However,
we look forward to moving forward with more of the ideas from our sub committees, including a
membership scheme, in 2020. We continue to strive to improve our support of all road runners.

Mary Brosnan, Chairperson, RunNB