Rapport annuel 2005

Run New Brunswick (RunNB) is a committee of Athletics New Brunswick (ANB), comprised of a Chairperson (Phil Booker), Vice-Chairperson (Robert Jackson), Treasurer (Paul Lavoie), Secretary (Nadine Currie Jackson) and Race Coordinator (Gilles Gautreau). RunNB operates on an annual budget of approximately $10,000.00, receiving revenue from race participants, and spending funds to produce a yearly race booklet, maintenance of a website, providing liability insurance coverage for runners and race organizers, and awarding prizes to competitive and recreational runners.

In May, 2005 RunNB produced and began distribution of 1000 copies of the Road Racing Calendar booklet, listing 37 events from April 30 to October 23, 2005. Each listing included significant information about the event, in many cases showing course record-holders. Three more races were added to the website roster during the year, bringing the total to 40.

Road races operated under the banner of Run NB in 2005 at distances ranging from one mile to 42.2 kilometers, and were hosted in 25 different communities, from Campbellton and St. Francois in the north, to Grand Bay, Grand Manan and Saint John in the south.

Races attracted varying numbers of runners. At the "Conquer the Canuck" run at Crabbe Mountain on August 27, just 15 runners competed in the main event. The "Marathon By The Sea" on August 8, attracted 1286 runners in all three events.

Approximately 6500 participants ran in the 40 road races coordinated by RunNB in 2005, for an average of 163 runners per race. This was an increase from the 5300 who competed in 32 events in 2004.

RunNB encourages participation by designating 25 Running Room Superseries races, at which runners accumulate points within their age category. Standings are updated after each race on the website, enabling runners to track their progress and engage in friendly competition for points. In 2005 one runner from Fredericton, Gerald Pugh, competed in all 25 of the Superseries events, bringing his 2.5 year streak to 62 consecutive races.

RunNB also encourages competitive runners in its 7 event "Timex" series of races. The top three male and female finishers in each Timex event earn prize money that is awarded at year end. In 2005 the top female prize money winner was Patty Blanchard of Dieppe, while Chris Brannon from Fredericton was the top prize money winner in the men's standings.

Many thanks go to our Race Director, Gilles Gautreau, who logs considerable hours to make RunNB function, and developed the very popular "Gold, Silver and Bronze" speed categories for the website. Thanks to Joel Bourgeois for his work in making the website and all of its ongoing content, completely bilingual. Also, at the heart of RunNB are the many race directors and numerous volunteers who make each race possible. RunNB acknowledges and expresses its appreciation to all of these volunteers, who make it possible for road racing to thrive in New Brunswick.