Ice Cream Run Draws Fast Runners
22 août 2023

By Aaron Sellers

The sun was out, the smiles were broad, the turnout was fantastic, and the times were fast for today's GMRC Ice Cream Run at the Claude D. Tayler school in Riverview.

Jean-Marc Doiron broke the 5 km course record with a finish time of 16:25, and Roya McDonald finished first for the women with a time of 20:45.

For the 10km, Luke Purdy also broke a course record with a more than respectable time of 35:52, while Emma Nicholson broke her own course record from last year with 47:08.

Paul Gallant (16:33) and Jeremie Pellerin (16:41) completed the men's top-3 5k, while Emma Bourdon (21:56) and Caroline Chouinard (22:34) topped the women's list.

Mathieu Hebert (36:31) and Nikolay Ryabkov (39:03) were number two and three in the men's 10 km event; Sarah Lespérance (52:24) and Janique Allain (54:11) completed the women's top-3.

5K Results can be viewed by clicking link / 10K Results can be viewed by clicking link

Thank you all for participating, volunteering, and attending on Sunday August 19th.